Bookkeeping & Accounting

We offer bookkeeping & accounting services. But unlike other companies, SBM’s multi-disciplined experts can integrate your bookkeeping & accounting functions with customized automation into your accounting system or other parts of your business control systems. Analysis, streamlining and Business Intelligence all in one agile company can put your enterprise dashboard right in your pocket.

Software Engineering

Big or small, SBM’s software engineers have decades of experience in projects large and small. From embedded controller applications to full enterprise wide internet served business applications, SBM’s breadth of skills, speed and competency is a competitive advantage for those who take advantage of it.

Product Engineering & Management

SBM through ZTech4, LLC can provide complete end to end design to package services for your budding product ambitions.

Business Consulting and Management

SBM would be nothing without its years of business management experience. Let us help you with your tough spots. Having an agile partner like SBM in your boardroom can add vision and innovation to your future.

Marketing & Sales Management

The biggest downfall of businesses today is their failure in keeping up with the fast pace changes in marketing tools, techniques and terrain. We’ve suffered the downside of this and applied ourselves to spring back strong and now offer the benefits of our education and results to your company’s growth needs.

Business Brokering/Agent Sales and Liquidation

Looking to exit your business? Do you have a large or complicated asset to sell? Give us a call, we have years of experience in buying, selling and evaluating businesses and related assets.

 Reasonable rates.  Call or message us for a free consultation and estimate for your needs.